Born and raised in the metro northeast, I spent my childhood growing up along the east coast of the US. With parents who loved the National Parks I was fortunate to visit many of them growing up and I grew a fondness for the beauty the parks offered. After college I wanted a change of scenery and I moved out west to the San Francisco Bay Area. There, I purchased my first DSLR and I began dabbling in various forms of photography. It took some time to figure out my interests but I was constantly drawn to photography the beauty of nature and the landscapes that graced California. Soon I turned my full attention over to landscape photography, starting with local travels before travelling all over the US to photograph the plethora of landscapes ranging from deserts to forests to mountains. As a self-taught photographer I pride myself as someone who also does extensive research and on-site scouting to look for compositions.

It is my goal to present my artistic renditions of nature and landscape scenes at a moment in time. Constantly chasing the light, l strive to capture fleeting yet dramatic scenes as they unfold. My works of art are meant to portray realism and to show the beauties that lie within nature. When asked if I used Photoshop the simple answer is yes. Much like film photographers such as Galen Rowell and Ansel Adams, Photoshop is the digital photographer’s darkroom. I use Photoshop as a means to develop the raw captures and to emphasize my artistic visions.

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