I offer three different mediums of prints: Paper, Metal Prints, and Giclée Canvas Wraps. Paper prints are offered in three surfaces: luster, glossy, and metallic. Metal Prints and Giclée Canvas Wraps are delivered ready-to-hang whereas Paper prints require framing or some sort of mounting for display. In addition to these mediums, I also offer custom ordered face mounts which is one of the most amazing display mediums for landscape photos. Feel free to contact me for print consultation prior to purchasing. I will provide recommendations to ensure your purchase is exactly how you want it. If there is a size or medium or print not offered, please contact me for custom order quotes. Please allow up to two weeks for delivery. Below are detailed descriptions of the various mediums of prints I offer.

Paper: Luster

Luster prints are printed on Kodak Endura Paper and are of archival quality. Luster surface has color saturation of glossy prints with a finger-resistant matte finish. It also does not have glare associated with glossy prints when viewed from an angle. Luster prints are available in the following sizes: 8x12, 10x15, 12x18, 16x24, 20x30, and 24x36.

Paper: Metallic

Metallic prints are printed on Kodak Professional Endura Metallic Paper and are of archival quality. Metallic prints have a glossy finish and a metallic appearance that gives depth and increased vibrance. Metallic prints produce a three-dimensional-like appearance and have extreme sharpness and brightness. Metallic prints are available in the following sizes: 8x12, 10x15, 12x18, 16x24, 20x30, and 24x36.

Metal Prints

Metal Prints are created by infusing dyes directly into specially coated aluminum sheets. Since the dyes are infused into the surface and not on it, the prints have an extremely high luminescence. The colors are vibrant and the details are sharp. Metal Prints have a high gloss surface and come with a float mount for a modern display. Metal Prints are archival quality and are ready to hang. Sizes offered are: 8x12, 12x18, 16x24, 20x30, and 24x36.

Canvas Wraps

Canvas prints are Giclée Fine Art Gallery Wraps printed directly onto museum quality canvas using archival inks. A protective spray is then coated over the surface of the print. The canvas print is wrapped around such that approximately 1 ¾” of the photo’s edges are visible on the sides of the frame. When ordering canvas prints, there will be a rough preview showing how much of the edge will be wrapped around the frame. Canvas prints are ready to hang and are offered in the following sizes: 12x18, 16x24, 20x30, and 24x36.

Face Mounting

Face mounting is the ultimate display medium for landscape photograph with unparalleled vibrance, depth, and clarity. Face mounts are a very modernistic method of displaying photos and resembles a backlit LCD screen. The photo is first printed on FujiFlex paper (supergloss). Next, the face of the print is mounted directly to a crystal clear acrylic sheet. The photo is then backed by a composite dibond and an inset frame is mounted on the back for a float mount display. The edges of the acrylic are then flame polished for a refined look and smooth feel.

Due to the difficulty and high skill level required for making face mounts, these are custom orders with a minimum lead time of 5 weeks. If you are interested in face mounts, please contact me for pricing, availability, and any other specific questions.

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